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Shaman Community Top Ten Issues
as of 6 February, 2006

Selected and Prioritized by Polling at The Spirit Realm

Issue No. 1: Upgrade Shaman Malos Spell Line

Recast delay is unmanageable for the amount debuffed with this single-target spell. Like many core Shaman abilities, it was tuned for a level 65 endgame. Therefore, we propose a new unresistable resist debuff spell in the line, with the standard 2.25 second recast.

Post PoR Update: The Shaman Class has been given the following AE wards:

1. Idol of Malo (L55), AE unresistable -30 FR/CR/MR/PR
2. Idol of Malos (L70), AE unresistable -40 FR/CR/MR/PR

While these are helpful in certain situations, they do not really address our concerns with this issue.

Post TSS Update: The Shaman Class has been given the following spells:

Malis (L75) unresistable -66/69/72 (Ranks I/II/III) FR/CR/MR/PR

Many Shamans consider this issue to have been addressed now. ISSUE RESOLVED - /cheer

Issue No. 2: Add Resist Modifiers to Shaman Damage Over Time Spells

Shaman DoTs are penalized with no resist modifiers due to our ability to debuff; yet other dotting classes can debuff just as well, if not better, suffer no such limitations. Our dots are our most effective and efficient way of dealing damage, and in modern game play we lose out heavily due to having to cast Malos to have them reliably land. By the time we cast a DoT, efficiency is lost because the MoB is already ~70% and our DoT will not see its full duration, or anything close to it. More detail is available at

Post PoR Update: Wow. PoR introduced more readily obtained 60% poison focus items, as well as Nectar of Pain, our first ever DoT with a resist modifier (-30 to Poison). ISSUE ADDRESSED - /cheer, with the hope that this trend continues going forward.

Post TSS Update: Some spells have, at ranks II and III, resist modifiers. Issue addressed, to some extent.

Issue No. 3: Upgrade Shaman Cannibalization AA Line

The Cannibalization AA ability was astonishingly powerful when introduced with the Luclin expansion, and also quite dicey: it took a lot of typical shamans' health bars, and as a result there were situations in which it could be used only at significant risk. In return it provided huge amounts of mana relative to the casting demands of the day. Naturally, spell mana costs have only risen with subsequent expansions and level increases, as have the hp pools of the shaman using this ability. Cannibalization, scaled for the level 60 player and spellbook, has fallen behind; it presently is simply an average work tool, returning a modest amount of mana for a modest cost of hp.

Post PoR Update: No change.

Post TSS Update: The Shaman Class has been given the following AA:

Frenzied Cannibalization: decrease hitpoints by 4057, increase mana by 2248

Many Shamans consider this issue to have been addressed now. ISSUE RESOLVED - /cheer

Issue No. 4: Correct Shaman Group Haste Buff

We propose that the current spell Talisman of Alacrity be renamed to Talisman of the Wind, and adjusted to be balanced properly. This is not a new spell, but a rewriting of the current version which appears not to be balanced properly. Enchanter group haste spells (Speed of Shissar, Speed of the Brood) remain superior, with 68% haste and valuable melee modifiers. Shamans get to buff to 60% haste at level 63; there is no reason why the group version at the next level should be a downgrade.

We propose the following corrections:

Spell: Talisman of the Wind
Group 60% haste (no other stat effects).
Duration 36 minutes.
Mana cost 750 (3 x Swift like the Wind's 250 mana).
Level 64 (one level after shaman single target Swift like the Wind; 17 levels after enchanter single target Swift like the Wind; 4 levels after enchanter group spell Speed of the Brood).

Post PoR Update: Wow. Group haste spell Talisman of Alacrity renamed to Talisman of Celerity, then upped from 50% to 60%. ISSUE RESOLVED - /cheer

Issue No. 5: Allow healing focus items and AAs to affect the amount healed per tick on Heal-over-Time spells

Damage-over-Time spells cause a base amount of damage per tick; the actual amount of damage each tick is then calculated by adding in any bonuses for both (a) Burning Affliction and similar effects (X Anger/ Fury/ Rage/ Vengeance/ Anguish/ Dragon), and (b) crits.

By comparison, Blast Heal spells cause a base amount of healing; the actual amount of healing is then calculated by adding in bonusses for both (a) healing focus items and aa, and (b) crits.

Heal-over-time spells (HoTs) are the central tool in the shaman healing model, making their power a big concern for the shaman community. A problem we've observed is that HoTs do not get the same progressive power increase as their direct-heal counterparts as characters advance, because they're not as well supported by Alternate Advancement and focus effects. Shaman who have worked hard to gain improved healing aa and items end up not improving this vital aspect of their class. Damage over time spells and direct damage spells don't have this same disparity, because they're boosted by the same foci.

To bring the power progression of HoTs in line with other spells, we'd like current direct healing focus effects to boost heal-over-time spells just like direct damage foci boost damage-over-time spells.

Post PoR Update: No change.

Comment from Rashere, June 2006: When the effects were created, it wasn't possible to do them on HoT spells. We can consider adding them, but have to be careful since the newer spells were built with the knowledge that they can't be focused so a focus could be a significant improvement above where the spell is meant to be.

Post TSS Update: No change. Some belief that the net effect would be less powerful HoTs, if the spells are 'balanced' around no focus.

Issue No. 6: Give us a consolidation Slow, with the benefits of both Balance and Turgur's spells

Short duration and long recast make the Balance spells (Nihil and Discord) not viable independantly; Shaman players either mem both or carry a TA in multi-mob settings because of recast times. Turgur's Insects lacks the resist modifiers needed to land it without a prior resist debuff. Please combine these into one usable, TA-retiring slow.

Post PoR Update: No change.

Post TSS Update: No change.

Issue No. 7: Improve Shaman Survivability

As replacement for the current Ancestral Guard AA, we propose the following two AA:

Defense of the Arcane Spirits: Level 62; 9 aa points. Insta-cast. Reduce the Damage Interval portion of incoming melee damage by 75%, for four ticks (18-24 seconds); duration not extendable by items or aa. Base refresh time: 10 minutes.

Quickened Arcane Defense: Three ranks, Level 66 / 68 / 70; cost 6 / 6 / 6 aa points. Each rank lowers the refresh time of Defense of the Arcane Spirits by 100 seconds.

The current Ancestral Guard AA is less effective because (1) its short duration means it pretty much has to be clicked at a very precise reactive moment to be effective; (2) as a rune it caps the damage mitigated, instead of (like a discipline) mitigating all damage received during its duration; (3) there is no provision for it to improve as the shaman moves up to harder encounters.

Post PoR Update: No change.

Post TSS Update: With Ancestral Guard AA, Union of Spirits AA, Dodge cap increase, Shield Block AA, and Second Life, we have ways of surviving unexpected agro. ISSUE RESOLVED - /cheer

Issue No. 8: Upgrade Shaman Group Movement Spell

Shamans are the first class to get SoW (level 9); yet first druids and then rangers get spells that equal and then surpass our ability to buff movement speed. Spirit of Bih'li is the last upgrade to movement buffs we have received: at level 36. Note that this spell would be a comparable alternative to Flight of Eagles in many situations.

As a potential solution, we propose the following new spell:

New Spell
1: See Invisible(2)
2: Increase Movement by 65%
3: Water Breathing(2)
4: Ultravision
6: Increase ATK by 25

Duration: 1 hour(s)
Location: ANY
Target Type: Group v2

Any amount of mana, any level

Post PoR Update: No change.

Post TSS Update: No change.

Issue No. 9: Improve Shaman Healing

In (formerly ) SOE Developers wrote:

...we are looking to increase your healing ability
so you can function better as main healer in groups.

As a potential solution, we propose the following new spell:

Spell: Talisman of Trushar
Group Heal over Time. Level 67 (two levels after shaman single target Breath of Trushar). Heals 630 per tick (more than Quiescence, but still well below Spiritual Serenity's 820 per tick) for 4 ticks; the amount healed per tick and buff duration can be increased by standard shaman aa abilities. Mana cost 1260 (3 x Trushar's 420 mana).

Post PoR Update: Wow. PoR introduced Ghost of Renewal, a Shaman spell which is a 630 HP per tick group HoT. While this does not deliver the lacking fast blast heal power, it is priceless when groups take AE damage during raids. ISSUE ADDRESSED - /cheer

Post TSS Update: Nice upgrade to our single-target HoT; underehelming new single target direct heal.

Issue No. 10: Allow our 75% Slows to Coexist on a Mob

It is just plain pointless and leaches fun from the game when one finally gets Turgur's to stick to a raid mob, only to have it overwritten by a Balance slow. Please allow them all to live peacefully with each other on the mob. Similar coding to how Vindictive Spirit can coexist with other slows.

Post PoR Update: No change.

Post TSS Update: No change.

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